CVE Workshops

A get together session was not only a formal "opening" of the course and the introduction of the host and trainers, but was also a presentation of a variety of short ice breaking activities, during which the participants had to get in contact with other participants by means of both verbal and nonverbal communication. This caused a lot of laughter and introduced a light and friendly atmosphere.

The main program contained 5 workshops:
-"People and Trees" prepared by Grodzki Theatre from Poland with Agnieszka Ginko-Humphries as a facilitator and Maria Schejbal as a support
-"Intercultural Communication and Conflicts" prepared by Die Wille gGhbm from Germany with Barbara Kuhn as facilitator and Hana Bloesser as a support
- "Behind a Desk and on the Stage" prepared by Grodzki Theatre with Maria Schejbal as a facilitator
- "Subcultures: Am I Hip Hop?" prepared by Youth Centre Babilonas from Lithuania with Audrius Jokubauskas as a facilitator
- "Wedding Ceremonies in Europe" prepared by Life Together from Czech Republic with Jana Zetkowa as a facilitator.

In the written questionnaires the participants pointed out that although the activities were interactive, they felt happy and at ease to participate because they felt comfortable with other group members. The respondents also mentioned a good location, accommodation and food, which added to the quality of the course. Some participants on their questionnaires put some words of thanks to the organizers and trainers: "Thank you. I had a great time.", wrote one of them".

Comments on the workshops:
"Many, many possibilities to learn and practice"
"I came to shop ideas and I got so many! This has been a real market place for cultural vehicles in education. I am impressed!"
"They (program and its realization) even overcame my expectations."
"My expectations were to try different things and ways of doing workshops and have good time with lovely people and I am happy 100%."
It was great course. I learnt a lot useful things and I will use it in my practice."
"My expectation was: learn as much as it’s possible and I think I did it. Program was not so full but very useful."
"I have met inspiring people, learnt many interesting ways of working with people/techniques. "I made new friends and future colleagues (possibly), learnt new ways to engage with hard to react groups."

From The Evaluation report by Monika Stawicka
Jagiellonian University, Kraków, Poland




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