Workshop "Vilnius' Palm Tradition and Biblical Meaning of Easter"

The composition, materials and ornamental styles of Vilnius' palms were discussed. Participants were invited to create big paper palms working in three groups. The second part of the Workshop was based on Bibliodrama method. Participants were invited to reflect upon the Biblical meaning of Palm Sunday and Easter. One of the participants read the Luke18:28-40. Jesus enters Jerusalem on Palm Sunday. Participants chose the roles and played the scene. It was impressive, when coincidently the freshly made palms fell in
front of the participant, who played Jesus. Having already had several workshops on theatre before, participants were rather flexible for improvisation. Deep reflection took place after the session e.g.: "I understood that 2000 years is not that much. People have not changed so much as the surrounding". Participants found interesting links with their personal lives and made useful insights reflecting on why they chose one or another role, how they acted and felt in that role.





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