Cultural Vehicles in Education - assisting the needs of vulnerable social groups

Grodzki Theatre Association, Poland

Pilot workshops XI 2007 - VI 2008

Course programme

European heritage

1. Arts

- Reading, discussing and acting out fragments of European classics (Faustus, The Good Soldier Svejk)
- listening to some European music: EU anthem - Beethoven's Ode to Joy (reciting the words in Polish, writing new versions of Ode), King Crimson - symphonic rock (drawing the emotions evoked by this music)
- reading, discussing and acting out Greek, Roman and Germanic myths
- learning about and discussing architectural styles in Europe
- looking at pictures of European architecture and making drawings in a given style)

2. Science and Philosophy

- introducing and discussing the main concepts (time, space, language, infinity)
- discussing the basic theories about the creation of the world (Big Bang, evolution)
- discussing truth in science (discussing the concept of historical truth)
- learning about and discussing important historical moments - events which have changed Europe
- writing about local history (preceded by a visit to a local library)

3. Morality and Tradition

- discussing what it is to be good, learning about some European theories of ethics, discussing particular examples
- learning about Polish traditions and celebrations (Christmas, Easter, St Andrew's Day, St Catherine's Day), learning about lives of St Andrew and St Catherine (in the European context)
- acting out etiudes/scenes based on the stories of St Catherine and St Andrew
- writing historical dialogues between the saints and the people they met (for example between St Andrew and Christ)

4. Religion

- discussing the phenomenon of religion (man looking for God)
- learning about and discussing religious conflicts in the history of Europe
- learning about and discussing the influence of religion on European history
- religious art

The programme components will be carried out in separate thematic blocks (for example "Europe", "Celebrations and traditions"), divided into units.




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