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    PARTNERS - Poland - EST Education Centre

    EST Education Centre is a Polish continuing education provider for youth and adults founded in 1994. EST works in the following fields: foreign language courses, ICT workshops, communication skills courses, integration of disadvantaged groups into the labour market. This is a comprehensive programme teaching key competences to vulnerable social groups. The following aspects of the EST expertise put the organisation in a strong position to take the assigned responsibilities:

    - EST has a substantial experience in evaluating projects co-funded by community programmes, including Leonardo da Vinci and European Social Fund training projects
    - The centre has established a network of contacts with AE umbrella organisations in Europe which provides dissemination opportunities for the CVE project
    - EST has been running further education courses for adult students for 14 years and this experience will be transferred to the CVE methodology development

    Role of EST Education Centre in the CVE project

    Based on the above expertise and network of contacts, EST will lead the Evaluation Plan and the Dissemination Campaign as well as contribute to other WPs, including training methodology and course development and exploitation of results. >>>

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