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CVE GRUNDTVIG COURSE "Cultural vehicles in education", Ostravice, Czech Republic

The Course held from 6 to 11 July in Ostravice, Czech Republic, was an international meeting of trainers and adult educators focused on introducing arts-based teaching methods in life-long learning of socially vulnerable groups. There were 25 participants from 9 countries: Great Britain, Germany, Spain, Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Poland and Czech Republic. The program of the course was a practical introduction to the findings of pilot workshops implemented in all 4 project countries. It was also a platform for exchange of appropriate and effective ways to empower students with competences essential to participate in social and working life, organize their own learning and express their ideas, experiences and emotions.

Here are some comments from the participants of the final feedback session (original wording):

"I reflected on the title of the project. This morning I understood the meaning of the title fully. I agree that we are cultural vehicles - each of us will carry the new ideas to our countries … ."
"Open market of methods. Great experience; different styles and tastes."
"Maybe it was not about opening the doors, but making a few steps."
"I will be able to use a lot of methods."
"The best one: Hip Hop. Very clear for me. I learned a lot."
" It was a pleasure to see a lecturer dancing!"
"Forum Theatre was totally new to me"
"A lot of methods. I have to make my choice now."
"It was very interesting and useful. Whatever you do, you must be open, then you will be successful."
"Two levels of being here: workshops-definitely I am going to use some methods. I already have some ideas how to use them; end emotional level- nice people, discovering my Gypsy roots. This is very important for me."
"I have a lot of questions!"
"It was a real pleasure to meet and work with so many open-minded people. So I have to thank you all of you. Each of us has his own way of being creative."
"I got interested in psychodrama!"
"This course... everything had huge impact on me and will help me to make other people feel better."

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6-11 July 2009, Ostravice, Beskydy Mountains, Czech Republic

Day 1
10am-5pm, including a lunch break

Welcome and warm-up exercises - "ice breakers"
Presentation of the CVE methodology - Agnieszka Ginko-Humphries

a) "People and trees", Grodzki Theatre, Poland
Facilitator: Agnieszka Ginko-Humphries
Support: Maria Schejbal

b) "Intercultural Communication and Conflicts", Die Wille gGmbH, Germany
Facilitator: Barbara Kuhn

Day 2
10am-5pm, including a lunch break

a) "Behind a desk and on the stage", Grodzki Theatre, Poland
Facilitator: Maria Schejbal
Support: Agnieszka Ginko-Humphries
b) "Intercultural Communication and Conflicts", Die Wille gGmbH, Germany
Facilitator: Barbara Kuhn

Day 3
Sightseeing: Beskydy Mountains - a trip to Wallachian Open-Air Museum in Rožnov pod Radhoštėm. Visiting Døevėné mėstečko (Wooden town), Mlũnská dolina (Mill valley) and Valašká dėdina (Wallachian village).

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Day 4
10am-5pm, including a lunch break

a) "Subcultures: Am I Hip Hop?", Youth Centre Babilonas, Lithuania
Facilitator: Audrius Jokubauskas
b) "Wedding ceremonies in Europe", Life Together, Czech Republic.
Facilitator: Jana Zetkova

Day 5
10am-5pm, including a lunch break

a) "Subcultures: Am I Hip Hop?", Youth Centre Babilonas, Lithuania
Facilitator: Audrius Jokubauskas
b) "Wedding ceremonies in Europe", Life Together, Czech Republic.
Facilitator: Jana Zetkova

Day 6
Feedback round - sharing and reflections session run by Youth Centre Babilonas, Lithuania

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The Bielsko Artistic Association Grodzki Theatre
Bielsko-Biaŗa, Poland,

The Association was founded in 1999 and it groups artists, pedagogues and culture promoters engaged in artistic work with children, teenagers, adults and the elderly from the socially excluded groups. The Association also runs a Vocational Rehabilitation Unit - a printing house and a bookbindery and Occupational Therapy Workshop. It has published 12 instructive books, organized workshops for about 1500 teachers and adult educators and prepared 8 films. Grodzki Theatre Association specializes in artistic educational and vocational programs, focusing on theatre and visual arts.
Workshop program: "Behind a desk and on the stage"
Let`s make a puppet show and study European literature! Experimenting with words and objects - paper, fabric and foil in action. Once upon a time... - storytelling and art of visual narration. Sharing, learning from each other and creating.
Facilitator: Maria Schejbal - expert in the field of theatre, author of 6 publications for teachers and educators. Workshop leader (12 year's experience) and trainer. Ashoka Fellow and Psychodrama Assistant. Coordinator of educational and cultural programs at the Grodzki Theatre Association. Co-author and coordinator of the CVE project.

Workshop program: "People and trees"
What's the significance of trees in European culture and human life? Exploring the surrounding world through reading as well as through the ways we move and sound. Creative writing and visualization will help together with sharing our ideas and feelings.
Facilitator: Agnieszka Ginko-Humphries - poet, translator, arts promoter. Coordinator of educational programs at the Grodzki Theatre Association. Co-author of the CVE project and author of the CVE publication. Organizer and facilitator of a local non-formal group Women's Circle "The Well".

Die Wille gGmbH, Protestant Center for Vocational Training, Culture and Education of Children and Adolescents
Berlin, Germany,

Die Wille gGmbH has been active in promotion of education, vocational training, culture and employment in the last 30 years. Its main goals are to support youngsters and adults in improving their individual occupational chances and live perspectives. For that a large scale of interventions and activities for occupational preparation and vocational training are implemented. Die Wille gGmbH disposes a special expertise in enhancing key qualifications by using creative and artistic instruments. Furthermore, Die Wille gGmbH is engaged in intercultural and interfaith projects and cooperates with institutions and representatives of Christian, Jewish and Moslem faith.
Die Wille gGmbH cooperates at national and international levels and disposes special expertise in the development and management of transnational projects.

Workshop program: "Intercultural Communication and Conflicts".
Forum Theatre (according to Augusto Boal) is employed as a vehicle for exploring and enacting the topics of the workshop. Role playing: Boundaries, limits and body language; How do we express our feelings? Can it lead to misunderstandings?
Barbara Kuhn - media and drama educator. She can draw upon many years of experience in devising and facilitating seminars and workshops dealing with communication strategies, conflict-management, applied theatre, storytelling and related topics. Facilitator of the Grundtvig CVE workshops run by Die Wille gGmbH

Youth Centre "Babilonas"
Vilnius, Lithuania,

The Center is a non-profit, non-governmental organization established in 1993. It is one of the most popular places for non-formal education of young people from all over Lithuania. All activities are based on communication and active participation, self-expression and own initiative: youngsters may experiment and realize their ideas using different forms of arts and their own creativity. Young people come to "Babilonas" to spend their free time, to take part in "Week on arts" and other activities. "Week on arts" is daily program of non-formal education for high school students (15-18). The whole class comes to "Babilonas" for one week to have artistic workshops with professional artists and present outcomes of their work every Friday to their friends, parents, schoolmates and local community. "Babilonas" runs Volunteers club, responsible for all the events here and organizing projects themselves. Young people can also participate in different intercultural projects (around 70 intercultural youth exchanges so far), EVS activities and Euro Med programs. Since 2004 - seminars and trainings based on arts and youth non-formal education for teachers and other adults groups.

Workshop program: "Am I Hip Hop?"
The workshop intends to create a possibility to get closer to urban subcultures through personal experience. Theory combined with practice, images with moves - a chance to overcome some inner barriers.
Facilitator: Audrius Jokubauskas - Hip Hop dancer and dance teacher (6 years), journalist in urban culture and human rights areas (ex-editor-in-chief of a urban culture magazine), co-founder of 2 dance schools, and event organizer for youth and families. Present: farmer/cheese maker and nature activist.

Life Together
Ostrava, The Czech Republic,

Life Together is a Czech-Roma organization with 53 employees, about half Roma and half Czechs. It carries out several grass-roots projects in the Roma neighborhoods in the town, including field social work, advise centre, training programs for mothers/parents to be empowered to support their children at school, support for adult Roma (to complete secondary schooling and find employment), Roma Community Centers (leisure activities for children, youth and adults), confidence building projects (to change police-Roma distrust, bring the police to provide equal treatment to all victims of crime irrespective of their ethnicity, to improve prison conditions), human rights work (to end the segregated schooling Roma children, to obtain apologies and compensation for the Roma women who are victims of coercive sterilization, to bring an end to the excessive removal of children from their parents to institutional care for the sole reason of poverty, to stop the municipal deportations of Roma families to other localities.

Workshop program: "Wedding ceremonies in different EU countries"
Let us find out about customs and traditions related to the wedding ceremony in different EU cultures (Roma, Czech, possibly others). Let us become a bride, a groom, their parents and other wedding guests… Learning and theatre playing.
Facilitator: Jana Zetkova - group leader, community worker for Life Together, dancer of Roma traditional music. 9 years experience of working with Roma adults, teenagers and children. Educational background: special pedagogy.

EST - Lifelong Learning Centre
Wadowice, Poland,

EST Education Centre is a Polish informal education provider for youth and adults founded in 1994. EST works in the following fields: foreign language courses, communication skills courses, ICT workshops, ICC training, R&D projects, evaluation of educational programs, transnational cooperation in the field of informal and non-formal continuing education. Based on the above expertise and network of contacts, EST leads the Evaluation Plan and the Dissemination Campaign in the CVE project.

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