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Art-Education-Therapy. Social skills training manual

Author: ARTERY team
Project Title:
Date of issue: 2012
Edition: 500 copies PL, 500 EN, 500 FN, 500 ES, 500 IT, 500 SL copies
ISBN: 978-84-938947-2-6
Free download:


You are welcome to download the publication – a manual for those who work with vulnerable people, containing new ideas to develop social skills through the arts and communication techniques. This manual was published in six languages (English, Polish, Italian, Spanish, Slovakian and Finnish), as a result of the cooperation of an international team of trainers working with groups of disadvantaged people – persons with disabilities and mental illness, homeless people, migrants, and all those in need of support. The publication consists of eight chapters followed by Conclusions: CHAPTER 1. THE IMPORTANCE OF LIFELONG LEARNING FOR SOCIALLY VULNERABLE ADULTS CHAPTER 2. ARTERY: ART – EDUCATION – THERAPY (description of the project) CHAPTER 3. THE MAIN PROJECT PARTNERS CHAPTER 4. ADULT, VULNERABILITY AND SOCIAL SKILLS. CONCEPTUAL FRAMEWORK CHAPTER 5. SOCIAL SKILLS RELEVANT TO THE TARGET GROUPS. TOOLS & ACTIVITIES CHAPTER 6. TOP RECOMMENDED EXERCISES CHAPTER 7. EXAMPLE OF BEST PRACTICE CHAPTER 8. RECOMMENDATIONS FOR TEACHERS AND EDUCATORS There is also a DVD in English with additional materials.


Reproduction of the material contained in this publication is authorized only for non-commercial purposes and if you give a clear reference of this source. Translation contained in this publication are approximate and these have been made in order to achieve a better understanding of the source text

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