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Cultural Vehicles in Education

Author: Agnieszka Ginko-Humphries
Project Title:
Date of issue: 2009
Edition: 500 egz. pl, 500 lt, 500 cz, 500 de, 500 fr, 500 en copies
ISBN: 978-83- 926612-1-4
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The main idea behind the book by Agnieszka Ginko-Humphries is both to present the new methodology of cultural vehicles in education and to inspire the trainers to use their own arts-based methods. The proposed scenarios of educational units from Poland, Germany, Lithuania and Czech Republic are written in such a way as to allow for easy adaptation to the needs of one’s group. Every exercise can and should be creatively developed and improved, often the workshop participants introduce valuable changes, as it was discovered during the CVE pilot workshops run in 4 countries. Published in EN, FR, DE, PL, LT, CS. The book has 147 pages, with a cover in full-colour, and is spiral-bound to allow for easy use at workshops and training sessions. Why do I like this book? It presents its value through its instructional structure. That is, the four countries where the project took place are included and emphasized and genuine participant comments and lecturer workplace interviews are presented. In addition, the end of the book includes important aspects of learning competencies which are currently being discussed, yet not everyone knows about them. What is the significance of this book? First and foremost, it is about creativity and practical application to learning methods. Hanna Bloesser, an expert observer from Germany talks about creativity and its meaning in an interview saying that everyone is creative from birth. Another important aspect of the book, according to Arune Taunyte, is the coordinated, successful effort of gathering information, skills and art therapy (…) as a means to the participants’ motivational learning, self-knowledge, self-respect, and trusting in one’s development. Rasa Kučinskiene, psychologist, andragogist, member of the Lithuanian Association of Adult Education, member of the Psychodrama Society of Lithuania.


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