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Our Dream Journey

Author: Maria Schejbal, Krzysztof Tusiewicz, Tomasz Zieliński, Krzysztof Kotyniewicz
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Date of issue: 2012
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During the COAST project Grodzki Theatre’s engaged a strong team of 15 persons with disabilities aged from 22 to 70 to prepare a visual story on migration and missing home with large puppets made at our Occupational Therapy Workshops. Premiere: COAST International Festival of Community Theatre Festival in Bristol in March 2012. A really touching moment in the play was at the end when, the group of deaf people created a powerful and emotional moment translating the lyrics of the song “Our Motherland” into the sign system having white gloves on their hands. As simple as this performance was, it was very powerful for the audience. Once again it is proved to us that less is more and images can say more than thousands of words. Cristina Rotariu, Coast cooperation blog, 2012
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