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We take part in local, national and international initiatives. In the last five years Grodzki Theatre has contracted and managed 10 projects financed by the European Community programmes. Three of them, “The Theatrical Map of Europe”, “The Animated Debate” and “Cultural vehicles in education” were pioneering initiatives in developing a new learning environment for vulnerable social groups (highly rated by EU experts). Our programme of computer animation for marginalized groups received an award in the Minerva (Socrates) Competition, as the best Polish ICT project in 2005. “Cultural vehicles in education” initiative (2008-2010) funded with support of European Commission was selected for the European Thematic Network “Inclusion” as good practice. “Open the world” (2009-2010) funded by the European Social Fund was chosen as one of four most interesting cultural projects from the region of Silesia by Tool quiz experts (programme for European partner regions of Silesia). In 2013 we received REVES EXCELLENCE AWARD, awarded by the European Commission for a partnership project. Thanks to many grants and awards, including EU programmes (Grundtvig, Culture, Youth), the Soros Foundation, Kultura Foundation and Polish Ministry of Culture, it has established a continuity of its projects, with long-term policies and good dissemination practices. 

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