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Duration: 1.10.2012r. do 30.06.2015
Funding: European Union – European Social Fund, Innovative projects

The Centre for Social Assistents – support for social services in social and vocational activation of people with disabilities is a pioneering project of Grodzki Theatre Association implemented in partnership with:

Fundacja Imago from Wrocław, 

City Centre for Social Services in Bielsku-Białej, 

Limes Company from Leszno, 

The main aim of the Project is to establish foundations for a new body in social integration – The Centre for Social Assistents. The model envisages such a centre as a non-governmental organization specializing in social assistance and supporting the employment of people with disabilities, creating new legal framework for giving public tasks to such a centre and also establishing standards for the work of assistents of people with disabilities. In this way this innovative project will establish legal basis for the existence of such centres in Poland. They will work in the field of social integration as a fully fledged partner of both public and private institutions supporting people with disabilities.

We are pleased to announce that our project will be presented in the Polish Parliament in Warsaw on 10th October 2013.

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