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Our art – our integration

Duration: 01.07.2013 r. – 30.06.2013 r.

Funding: European Union, European Regional Development Fund (Transborder Cooperation) and the Polish Government.

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Our art – our integration project aims at closer co-operation between Poland and Slovakia and learning about each other’s culture. During the project theatre and photography workshops will be run for disadvantaged young people and persons with disabilities. Two performances will be created – the Polish production will be based on Slovakian literature and the Slovakian production will use Polish literature and traditions. Two joint happenings will be organized for both Polish and Slovakian participants as well as photographic exhibitions showing Poland seen by Slovaks and Slovakia seen by Poles. All events will be organized in Bielsko-Biała, Poland and Namestovo, Slovakia.

Grodzki Theatre Association is working with Spojená škola internátna in Namestovo.

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