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Animated Debate

Author: Zespół projektu Animowana debata/ Animated debate Team
Project Title:
Date of issue: 2005
Edition: 1500 EN copies
Free download:


One of the goals of the Animated Debate project was to persuade the society of educators to use the newest ICT and communication technologies in education in a more courageous way. For two years, the workshops programme’s creators and producers from four countries worked on the universal methodology, which could be used in the educational process of the children and youth in school environment. The guide describes these elements of the Animated Debate Project, which can be transferred to the school environment. One should realize, however, that in order to accomplish the described ideas, a trainer needs to possess a certain “minimal amount” of computer and media skills. The guide shows the sources of the essential knowledge. The guide was published only in the electronic version. Animowana Debata


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