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THE WORD AND THE ACT Bibliodrama in intercultural dialogue

THE WORD AND THE ACT. Bibliodrama in intercultural dialogue. Edited by Maria Schejbal The book was elaborated as a result…

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Theatre Search in Bielsko-Biala

A photo album of youth theatre groups active at secondary schools in Bielsko-Biała aimed at strengthening amateur theatre movement amongst…

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Path – Developing social skills through theatre and drama

This publication by Maria Schejbal is available only in Polish. Most of the theatre and drama exercises published in this…

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Coast Crossing Borders in Community Theatre

The book documents the creation of community theatre with socially excluded and marginalised people in four European countries. The main…

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Grodzki Theatre and social economy

A film in Polish about its Vocational Therapy Unit (sheltered enterprize) in Bielsko-Biala. It’s a Printing House and a Bookbindery,…

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A film in Polish about people with disabilities who are successful at work and who fulfill their dreams.

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Information on non-governmental organizations in Bielsko-Bia...

This bi-monthly magazine is available only in Polish.

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Educator (2012-2013) – magazine

Available only in Polish. This quarterly magazine was devoted to life-long learning of people with disabilities. Under the Honorary Patronage…

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