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RAPPORT. Refugee Arts with Participants and Practitioners Open to integRaTion



Duration: 16 September 2019 – 30 April 2022

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.

Project Coordinator


Project Partners

Project Overview

RAPPORT is a 31 month cooperation project aimed at promoting integration between host and refugee/migrant communities, using and developing collaborative community arts practice between four European partners. The project has been developed using learning from two previous projects  – ‘REACT’ and ‘Storytelling Without Borders’ – both funded through EACEA Refugee Integration call (2016-18).

RAPPORT involves companies from UK, Spain, Poland and Sweden who use community arts to work with vulnerable people, and as a way of improving refugee/migrant integration. RAPPORT will use arts as a tool to challenge preconceptions and negative attitudes towards migrants/refugees, and to celebrate and confirm shared humanity and the positive impact of integration. The project will achieve this by co-creating arts projects with individuals from host and migrant/refugee communities in each country, with all four partners cooperating to create an innovative collaborative multi-arts performance in year two using practice in theatre, dance, digital art, film and puppetry.

Project activities

  • Local community arts projects – creative workshops in all the partner countries, involving host and migrant/refugee communities;
  • Four artistic exchanges among the partners meant for sharing best practices and learning about each other ideas for social integration.
  • Artistic collaboration between the partners leading to the creation of a joint performance (“BABEL”) to be presented in each partner country.
  • Joint edition of a book and a documentary film giving an insight into project mission and achievements.
  • Organization of national seminars in all the partner countries meant for disseminating project results and findings.

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