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Cooking and soft skills

The SUVOT books contain an innovative vocational training in cooking for people with mental illness, learning disabilities or/and behavioural disorders…

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Path – Developing social skills through theatre and drama

This publication by Maria Schejbal is available only in Polish. Most of the theatre and drama exercises published in this…

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Educator (2012-2013) – magazine

Available only in Polish. This quarterly magazine was devoted to life-long learning of people with disabilities. Under the Honorary Patronage…

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Art-Education-Therapy. Social skills training manual

You are welcome to download the publication – a manual for those who work with vulnerable people, containing new ideas…

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Cultural Vehicles in Education

The main idea behind the book by Agnieszka Ginko-Humphries is both to present the new methodology of cultural vehicles in…

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A disabled person on the job market

The book, published in Polish, describes various possibilities and forms of employment of people with disabilities.

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A person with disability enters the open job market

This book, published in Polish, includes specific advice for people with disabilities who want to enter employment.

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