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Competition for a theatre play

A book of theatre plays published in Polish. The texts were awarded at a competition organized by the Grodzki Theatre…

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Theatre instructor’s craft

A publication in Polish addressed to trainers and teachers active in the amatour theatre movement. It includes theatre exercises and…

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A Cloth Factory

A publication in Polish describing the industrial history of one of the buildings used by the Grodzki Theatre Association.

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Stop to addictions. Educational materials.

This book published in Polish contains three educational scenarios by Agnieszka Ginko-Humphries for primary and secondary schools on the subject…

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The Ordinatory Extraordinatory

This book by Agnieszka Ginko-Humphries is published in Polish. It gathers interviews with young people at risk and from underprivilaged…

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A moving performance by Grodzki Theatre Junior about a group of clowns. Each of them hides a painful secret from…

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A disabled person on the job market

The book, published in Polish, describes various possibilities and forms of employment of people with disabilities.

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A person with disability enters the open job market

This book, published in Polish, includes specific advice for people with disabilities who want to enter employment.

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