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A disabled person on the job market

The book, published in Polish, describes various possibilities and forms of employment of people with disabilities.

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A person with disability enters the open job market

This book, published in Polish, includes specific advice for people with disabilities who want to enter employment.

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Scenarios – how to tell stories in theatre

This book, published in Polish, describes the process of using literary texts for productions with practical advice and descritions of…

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A magazine in Polish published by our Occupational Therapy Workshop since 2005.

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Theatre and Therapy

This book, published in Polish, focuses on the group process and theatre therapy for socially vulnerable groups.

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Play with colours

This publications, published in Polish, contains educational scenarios for primary schools connected with tolerance and openeness towards other people, religions…

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Animated Debate

One of the goals of the Animated Debate project was to persuade the society of educators to use the newest…

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Toys without frontiers

The book with sections in English, Polish, Portugese and Italian decribes an initiative of cultural inclusion of 500 underprivileged children…

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