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RESTORE. REcognition of the Social Theatre Operator as a professional to tackle the Risk of social Exclusion

Duration: 4 November 2019 – 3 May 2022

Project Coordinator

Oltre le Parole, Rome, Italy

Project Partners

Project Overview

RESTORE is a cooperation project which draws inspiration from the idea of “doing theatre” as a means to support different disadvantaged groups at risk of social exclusion. Good practices are spread all over Europe, showing the potential, effectiveness and transversal applicability of this methodology, which can be successfully applied to any age groups and adapted to several targets affected by different kinds of social disease. The project partners strongly believe that this educational approach helps to develop key competences and skills of socially vulnerable persons, and contributes to increasing their sense of initiative, self-confidence and self-esteem.

In order to further cultivate and develop the above mentioned methodology in the field of education, the RESTORE project aims to promote cooperation and the exchange of relevant good practices at the European level and to take advantage of the EU transparency and recognition tools to increase the training opportunities and employability of professionals working in the field of socially engaged theatre. In particular, it is meant for boosting a process of the recognition and standardization of the SOCIAL THEATRE OPERATOR (STO), a new professional figure defined in terms of knowledge, competences and skills at the EU level.


Project activities

  • Organizing four training events for the project staff in partner countries to promote capacity building and the exchange of good practices. One course will be focused on EU transparency and recognition tools and three peer learning workshops will be organized to share good practices in training and working with different disadvantaged groups of adult learners.
  • Working out the description of the EU standard professional profile of the Social Theatre Operator (first Intellectual Output of the project). The partners will do the research in order to outline the state of the art at European and national level concerning the employability and professional condition of the STO. Next, they will jointly elaborate the research report and will organize round tables meant for identifying the main requirements and features of the STO professional profile.
  • Developing the program of a standard training course for Social Theatre Operator (second Intellectual Output of the project). The course contents, methodology, activities and expected learning outcomes will be defined through pilot workshops in all the partner countries and finally presented in STO Training Manual containing all necessary information for the effective delivery of the training course.
  • Elaborating Methodological Guidelines for validation, accreditation and certification (third Intellectual Output of the project). The partners will jointly create a tool aimed at boosting the process of the recognition and standardization of the Social Theatre Operator at the European level.
  • Organizing four Multiplier Events in Poland, Italy, Portugal and Spain. The events will be meant for disseminating the project outputs and introducing a wider public to its findings in order to maximize the impact of the project.



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